The Crew

The original crew members assembling their crew at the beginning of their journey. You can become a member too. 

Faiths got her explorers shot and permit ready. Lets get yours ready. 

The navigation crew taking their first steps on the journey. How would you leave your footprint? 

Name: Callum

Member No0902

Expires: 2051

Base Location: Earth 

Challenge 1

Can you jump into space?

On this adventure you need to be able to collect essential supplies that are hidden within deep space. Our crew members are practicing their jumps...

I think I saw one crew memeber almost touch the sky. 

Team Work.

Your crew have to work together on the journey. Together our crew have found out their special skills

- They are always ready

- They encourage others

- They are always moving 

- They are very curious 

- They also have a secret one they aren't willing to share. 

Each crew has to have a team photo before they set off on their journey. This is our original Navigation Crew members pose and crew photo. What would yours be? Grab your crew, get your pose ready and share it with us. #navigationcrew 

Top Tips when assembling your own crew:

- Pick your friends 

- Pick other alike explorers

- Have some fun 

- Do team challenges to find out everyones skills

Coming Soon

School On The Moon

Photography: Gemma Mount

Hair & Make Up: Debbie Lezmore

Art Direction: Compass Team

Models: Lewis, Callum, Faith, Reuben, Lena

Special Thanks to St Pius X Prep School